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I had my first lesbian encounter was with my long time buddy and college roommate Eva. I was quite young when I had started going to college and I was pretty excited about going from Florida to Massachusetts. Later, I followed Eva after a year in the same college and became her junior by a year. Eva being my school friend and long time neighbor was very close to me and we shared everything among ourselves. We would often talk about guys since she was having problems with her boyfriend who was incidentally in Massachusetts and mine was back in Florida. Also, we love to watch Xhamster lesbian videos together with Eva and have sex at the same time.

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We both shared room in the college hostel. I am being new to the environment started feeling homesick and I must admit that Eva as a huge support in those times. We used to just hang out and talk lying on the same bed. There was nothing strange in it; in fact we used to cuddle at times. Both of us had our personal laptops and the college WiFi gave us good access to the internet. Our usual entertainment after college hours used to be watching videos on the internet. We were pretty interested in watching repeat telecasts of TV shows and cricket matches.

One day as we casually surfed the websites that featured LGBT porn, we came across some of Eroticvideosex.com lesbian porn videos. That moment was not at all awkward for us given the openness in our relationship, however the hangover of the video is what has resulted in me penning down this story.

As the night fell and both of us lay on the same bed talking to each other, I do not know where from did the topic of the lesbian movie come up? In fact Eva was pretty enthusiastic about it. Minutes after I retired to sleep after wishing her a good night, I found her hand going under my shirt and rubbing my belly. It did freak me out, but I enjoyed it as well. As she advanced from my belly to bottom of my breasts, I decided that if she goes further, I would object.

However, she did not advance any further. A week later, as she did the same belly cuddling in the night, it appeared as if I had got used to it. She slowly moved up to my nipples and the electric feeling that it gave me enticed me into letting her move further. As she did it another time, it was accompanied by a little peck on my cheek telling me to relax. When she turned off the light, I knew it was time to make a decision; either allow her or object and I chose the former.

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As she got a green signal, she kissed me and I reciprocated in a soft, sensual and beautiful manner. She removed her shirt to expose her un-caged breasts, which I must admit were fuller than mine, and brought them close to my mouth. My libido took over me at that moment and I started to lick and suck them. Eva had taken a lot of clues from the Eroticvideosex.com lesbian movie website it seems. She surprised me with a vibrator which she had carefully concealed in her drawer. She pulled off my shorts and panty to expose my pink and young pussy.

She used the vibrator on it and licked it to make me reach a quick orgasm. Although I have never had any complaints with my boyfriend serving my pussy, Eva was awesome at it. She soon started using the dildo on herself and told me that I do not need to return the favor if I did not feel like. I went down on her and ate her well groomed vagina for some time after which I asked her to roll over.

She went into doggy position which allowed her to use the vibrator on her pussy and at the same time position her asshole close to my mouth. I could make out she wants me to lick her ass which I complied with. She used to let out loud moans when I licked close to her hole. As she was about to come, she asked me to insert my tongue as deep in her hole as possible which I did with all my might. Her butt cheeks squeezed on my tongue and she went into a loud orgasm.

Since then, we have lost all inhibitions between us and lesbian videos to watch at the Xvideos.com have become tutorials for our nocturnal love ventures.

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